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Troubled Mind

Date: 22/10/04

Don’t always believe the way you’re made to perceive the world/ hurled into the false like a child into adulthood/ what should happen when the lies start sapping the strength/ lapping the bench as its unfurls and the truth uncurls from the hands of the deceitful/ fearful are the deeds needing to be done to open our eyes to the truth in the skies/ highs are in life not in a spliff or a concentrated chemical hit/ escapism is the minds only true prison and the taker of wisdom/ hiding is easy but also is death and this is best avoided as life’s a gift/ though not from a god or other fake fašade but the randomness of the universe and all abroad/ more of the same won’t lead to change and radical departure will only create the divisions faster/ gradual it will have to be before all can see that that needs to be/ music is the rhythm of all that is living let it take your whole and endow your soul with the weightlessness of freedom as under the beat we all are standing on the same feet/ unison of the street when the lyrical heat/ burning all with intangible somewhat unimaginable acceptance of the essence that makes the beat rise and the vocal grab me all in a choke hold/ global or local music is vital to the human race/ Misplace your grace always when you need it most/ good will is needed to fill the void created by the android perception that everyone the same and we have the same needs/ Fuck your economies of scale your greedy attitude makes me pale/ equal commodities for very different oddities/ cultures aren’t holsters of cuisine and colourful sheen they are the uniqueness of being alive/ keep your technicalities and all your fallacies/ I have had enough of the tough and to much of the rough/ I try to look beyond the lies but relies that in my minds eyes that tied to the non-fictional world I seek is the need of speak in the belief of my ability and what I’ve got in me/ if I believe I can relief the heaviness that’s messing this over/ Even as a spit from the deepest of emotion, boasting devotion to the honour of the truthful ocean, I’m struck with sadness or an evil gladness/ to man issues and to few tissue to dry the tears or to comfort my peers/ Lose of ambition much like taking your life on a suicide mission / resources are fading while others are wading through the pollution as the world is destroyed by illusion of greed and beneficiary decreed/ what we going do if the worst comes true, mother fucking sue?    


Date: 28/8/04

Remember back when music was about an idea/ free of fear of success and pointless stress/ when a rhyme was tight by it own worth not because of some producers pop verse/ its a curs how music has become all about the dough/ creativity seems on the low/ calibrating dimes instead of elevating the times/ yet there are a few who rip it true/ underground lyrical messiahs converting the wack admirers/ they make the stuff that gritty and rough. so full of heart and worldly smarts/ find a rhythm get it down/ enlighten minds and break hate down/ music is power that will devour all malice and callous/leave who starts it in paralysis


Date 10/8/04

Your giving a chance to grab what you can in life/ why you throwing it away/ waiting for another day/ procrastination starts a bad relation with your mind/ all of a sudden your wondering why should you do it now/ you’ve lost your way/ now you’ll loose your dreams/ failures come in teams and swarms/ not even your talents will keep you warm in the failing calm/ get back on track/ pack in the time and forget the wack/ you have skills but now their just past thrills/ nurture what’s given or you simply ain’t living/out your potential/like a girl with brains who get lost in the sex trade/concentration is essential for reaching your potential/pick up that mic/grab that pen and invest in your skills/so you can be the best/ rest assured all will come right with preparation and time/ never get stuck in a bind of lazy…ness/ignorance is bliss if failure be your wish/ effort is reminiscent of reward so take your honour like sword/ cut defeat down at the knees/ become what you want from who you are/ Don’t seel your self short/ you can go far/ what you make is what you take so stay intellectual/ Perpetual success follows those who dare to be the best/ don’t lay you dreams to rest/ quest for the ultimate prize/halt and jolt life with your uniqueness/ contemplation is the prequel to elation/ nothings comes for free and that why you cant be/ a champion without grappling your ability with full force/ focus your mind and be aligned with the world around/ strengthen your stance and take a chance/ it might be hard but take a card/ it’s the same for everyone so believe and you’ll achieve…

Step-up (One)

Date 4/8/04

What you trying to be, stealing intellectual properties/come into your own or go home/the unoriginal are left alone/your a clone/ you styles are bare bone/what ya shown is like a bad omen/ trashing the beat and nar never bringing the heat/ rhyming ain’t no simple feet/get back take your style and retreat as the real milk technique from a teat and leave you quavering in utter defeat/ insurmountable odds is what your up against so think agin why your left wondering/ while we be plundering from the purest section of hip-hop/ yeah will never stop because we understand the Hip to the hop that’s right the anti-rock the musical form that shocks, mocks and breaks down racial locks/ grab a mic have a flex and try to be the best/ you’ll be put to the test in you hundred dollar vest/ take guess at what it means to be the best as your styles are no better then the rest/ I detest your shallow mindedness plus your blindness/ in hindsight I don’t want a fight but a lyrical match in which we can go tit for tat rap for rap till our lips are black from attack after attack so step back get ready/this shits about to get heavy/pay the levy as the battle begins only the mic cord will decide who wins…

Ninety three million five thousand flows...and heres one more