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Boba Fett
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Added 11/6/05

Added 21/1/05

Added 6/1/05

Added 4/10/04

-----------Old Stuff-----------

Graphite (click to enlarge)

"Oiley Closeup" [9/12/04] As I promised I reworked the costume of my Oilies. This is a character from my story "The Oilies" which I have published on The front page as a feature. I am much happier with the gas mask, in fact i'm quite happy with the attitude as well; it almost has the look I want. This One wasn't going to get finished to be begain with but I worked on it and it turned out fine. I tried to pay particular attention to lighting, which is good practice for my drawing.

Graphite [Click to Enlarge)

"Oiley" [3/12/04]
This is a character based on a story I wrote for English. He is part of a gang that makes money in a very different way (AKA not drugs) and this is him dressed up in all his gear for a job. The story goes that these kids make money by stealing the fuel from trucks at a near by depot. I am going to redo the character, especially the gas mask, soon so wait for it. This scan is incredibly bad so excuse that hazy and overly light look; my scanner just can’t handle this type of paper. I’m happy with how it turned out though I would have preferred better pencils.

graphite [click to enlarge]

"Oiley graffiti" [3/12/04]
This is a graffiti inspired piece of work. It is based on a story I have been writing lately and is the tag of a gang called the Oilies. I just liked it because of the attitude and the cartoon style as its so different to what I normally do. I will upload my story soon.

"Leap" [4/10/04]
This is drawing done fro my grandparents. I used a claender picture for a reference, I just really liked the moment it captured so I drew it. I might later change the image by darkening the water (physically with a pencil). I was resonablyhappy with how it turned out since I also most abandon it halfway through as the body and back were looking really odd.

Graphite [click to enlarge]

"Caution" [1/10/04]
This is my first real go at ths style with such dark pens. I started with a thick dark outline that at first was part of another creatures back but I soon changed it into the dark fugure it is now. This isn't really agreat example of my work but I just like the mood it portrays.

Graphite (Click to enlarge)

Winged Victory
Conception: 17/8/04
Completion: 18/8/04
This work is an appropriation of the ancient greek sculpture "The Winged Victory of Samothrace". This was meant to just be a rough sketch for a painting i'm doing in Art, but i invested a bit of time into it and it turned out alright. This is also one of my first drawings to have any sort of background, though I did want the sky to be clear so it appeared as more of a desert.
The sculpture is supposed to have no head and arms as this is how it was discovered. The scanner once again didn't scan all the lead properly so I had to darken the image (i.e why all my art works have an odd grey background). The left leg is also supposed to be straight but that was acccidental.

Graphite [click to enlarge]

The Watcher
Conception: July 
Completion: unknown
Artist Comments-
This drawing started out as mountain (i.e the top of the head) but it developed into something very different. I added this artwork as it has a real presence. It is called the watcher because it appears to look even though it has no eyes, it also has a refelective expression.
My scanner doesn't really pick up lead all that well so this artwork and possibly those in the future will appear like thye are missing some lines, also it tends to make the images way to big so they may look rather rough.
Pencil [click to enlarge]
Conception: 31/8/04
Completion: 31/8/04
Artist Comment-
When I started this drawing it didn't look like it would turn into anything worth keeping but after I noticed its expression, especially its almost awkward tilt. I Then payed it a bit more attention and as such it turned into a rather odd looking masked warrior with a dagger, that has an arabian-esque appaerance.
This scan worked much better yet the fine shading on the clothing didn't really show up as well as I would of liked, it pratically disapeared.

Pencil [click to enlarge]

Hand (1)
Conception: April
Completion: April
Artist Comments:
This Artwork was done for my art calss at school, the task was to draw our hands displaying different emotions, this one was inteded to show anger and malicous. There are 3 more artworks in this series.
This scan actually worked prety well except for the fact I had to darken the image (my scanner just cannot handle grey for some reason, maybe its to reflective) and that some of the finer shading has not shown up. Well I suppose you get that.