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April 06 Haven't Updated in a while (ok a long time) so here is some of my IB major work progress, enjoy or whatever you do with new updates.

11 Nov 05: New section added entitled rhymes which approirately contains rhymes of a hip-hop nature. This is just a bit of fun for me and something my sites have always had, nothing to involved but something I hope to make worth reading. Rhymes

29 Oct 2005:

10 Oct 05: Sketch Battle Updated

28 sept 05: New Artwork MOSt DEFinately

22 sept 05: New artwork refugee

18 sept 05: I know the site has been collecting dust of late but this is too changes as a result of all my exams being over and me being on holidays. I have a few things to add to the site, including photos from my trip to thailand and as of these holidays my Holiday sketch book which will be updated almost daily with new sketches, finished drawings and even a battle. So here we go and stay tuned in as I provide regular updates

Thailand Photographs 2005