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Hip-hop inspired rhymes for Hip-hop inspired minds

11 Nov "from the"
Music is the beat of my heart / my art is the action of my hand and my love it extended to my family friends / whose going to doubt what I am when I rise and slam all opposition through my good nature and ability to rock paper scissor your figure/ always doing one better yet never to be a trend setter/ look down on me and you’ll hear a sound from me / cross reference you with the pathetic few who doubt me / future is tomorrow so stop trying to borrow mine and like all those focused I’m bound to shine / Not believing in no inner eye just the power of the mind / physical is breakable, the mind is unshakeable and what you want it is takeable/ dodging adversity from conception to university we all have to work/ nothing worth the gain has come through no effort/ same in same failures lack ethic so how do they expect to earn world credit / I’m not here to make a mark I’m here to rip apart the scene/ all there is, is but a dream/ yet a start is essential to the goal which is instrumental / regrets wont defend you the will eat and upend you/ collision of ambition and lag of ability is the killing spree of pathetic deficiency/ effort is best worth the dream its place alongside / take the chance, use the tools, make a mark, hell a make a few/ take what is to be taken and careful of trepidation/ doubt is the fuel of failure and failure the creator of doubt/ accept the world will change but never in vain

93 million 5 thousand flows and heres one more...